Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to begin thinking about your travel plans. Spring is a great time to go on vacation, especially because the weather will be nice, but it’s still off-season, so you can avoid the hordes of tourists that show up in the summer. Traveling in the spring is often more affordable as well, since it isn’t peak vacation season. You’ll be able to see all the great sights and relax without the usual crowds and stress!

Las Vegas, Nevada

During the summer, the weather in Las Vegas in nearly unbearable. Go instead during the spring and you’re in for some beautiful weather, with the temperature somewhere around 70 or 80 degrees, though it will get colder at night. Las Vegas offers a variety of entertainment, such as its legendary casinos, incredible shows, or trips to some breathtaking natural spots in other parts of Nevada. There are also fantastic restaurants and shopping you can take advantage of while you’re here.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon isn’t one of the more popular European cities, but that doesn’t lessen its charm. Its hidden beauty makes it a great vacation spot because you won’t see loads of tourists here any time throughout the year; even less people will visit in the spring. Portugal’s weather is beautiful this time of year and you’ll enjoy sights like St. George’s Castle or take time to head to the beach.

Glasgow, Scotland

In the last couple of decades, Glasgow has become a much more attractive city and tourists have begun noticing. It’s a cultural center of art and music, with many up-and-coming musicians performing there who you’ll likely hear on the radio in a few months (if you don’t already). Visit the Glasgow Cathedral to see some beautiful architecture. Or, take a trip to the Scottish countryside to see the incredible, natural sites!

San Diego, California

Like Las Vegas, San Diego can get pretty hot. Most people leave this city behind in favor of LA, but San Diego is a stunning vacation spot. The weather will be nice enough to spend some time on La Jolla beach or travel along the coastline. This city is much more laid back than LA, but offers many of the same attractions and great beaches.

Seoul, South Korea

By heading to Seoul in the spring, you’ll have a chance to see all of the flowers in bloom. This city has fantastic architecture that you’ll love spending time studying during your trip. While Seoul is fairly modern and is a very developed city, you can still visit attractions like the Gyeongbok Palace, which is the oldest palace in the city (there are others you can visit too). Make sure to try some of the delicious and unique South Korean food!