With so many restaurants in New York City, where does a foodie begin? While that question may be impossible to adequately answer, this post will help you get started. Below are some of the top restaurants you should check out in 2017.

Le Coq Rico

Antoine Westermann is the chef behind Le Coq Rico. Chef Westermann has been preparing food for over twenty-five years, and in that time he earned three Michelin stars. The original Le Coq Rico debuted in Paris, France. At both locations, Westermann strives to perfect poultry cooking. Before opening Le Coq Rico in New York City, Westermann throughout the Northeast United States to learn from poultry farmers. The Le Coq Rico menu features chicken presented in countless ways. Take a look at the restaurant’s website for more information.


Atoboy specializes in Korean food. For $36 you get three dishes and a bowl of rice. Junghyun Park and Ellia Park opened the restaurant in 2016. Junghyun used to be the Chef de Cuisine of Jungsik, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City. Ellia Park is the manager. In the past, she worked at various NYC restaurants including Maialino. While the dishes are small each one packs a tasty punch. When you visit make sure you try the pork jowls.


If you want to spend a lot of money on your meal, New York is the town to do it in. Wolfgang Puck’s Cut is one restaurant, in particular, that’s worth your money. While the restaurant’s wine list features a number of bottles that cost over $2,000, the real draw is the variety of beefsteaks that are offered. On the menu, you’ll find grass-fed filet from Upstate New York and Japanese Wagyu beef among many other choices.


Fans of sushi should definitely eat at Akashi, located in the West Village. Chef Yoichi Akashi prepares each part of the 20-course meal in front of customers. If you want to get the full omakase experience, be prepared to make your reservation 4 weeks in advance and pay over $200. Take a look at Akashi’s menu to learn more.


If coconut-flavored pancakes and jaggery syrup sound like a great breakfast idea, then you need to eat at Pondicheri. Other breakfast favorites include masala eggs and bheja masala or sautéed-goat-brain masala. You also can’t go wrong with the dinner or lunch menu. When you visit for lunch or dinner, you should definitely make room for a frankie, which is a “Mumbai-style stuffed roti & egg wash wrap” (Lunch + Dinner).