Hong Kong is often described as a location where the East meets the West. Imperial China exerted its influence on Hong Kong for centuries until the British seized the territory as a colony in the late 1800s. After a brief occupation by the Japanese during WWII, Hong Kong remained a British colony until 1997. Today Hong Kong is considered an autonomous territory of China. The territory is known for its numerous skyscrapers, delicious cuisine, shopping opportunities, and so much more.

Star Ferry

Since 1888 the boats of Star Ferry have been transporting passengers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Many people consider Star Ferry to be the most popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong, and every year millions of passengers take the trip. Booking a trip on Star Ferry is the best way to experience Victoria Harbour and its stunning views.

Victoria Peak

The next best place to experience Victoria Harbour is atop Victoria Peak, the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island. While you won’t be able to reach the top of the mountain (It’s closed to the public and belongs to a telecommunications organization), there are parks you can visit that offer spectacular views. One of the most popular viewing locations is the Peak Tower. The upper level of the tower features a viewing terrace.


You can’t visit Hong Kong and not experience its markets. The city is home to a variety of markets and each one has its own unique character. Some markets, like the Temple Street Night Market, are meant to be visited at night. Stanley Market, which is located at the southern end of Hong Kong Island, is another popular market. No matter what market you visit, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones back at home.

Happy Valley Racecourse

Most forms of gambling are illegal in Hong Kong; however, betting on horse racing is permitted. You don’t have to be a gambler to visit the racecourse. Many travelers say that visiting the racecourse just to experience its atmosphere makes the trip worthwhile. The track features both standing and sitting areas. Races usually begin in the evening.

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden is a garden built in the Tang Dynasty style. It’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some quiet reflection in the midst of the bustling city. The garden is also home to a teahouse and a vegetarian restaurant. Take a look at this gallery of photos that highlights the garden’s beauty.