There is nothing like taking part in a good adventure to break the monotony of daily life and routine activity. While going on a vacation anywhere is fun and usually relaxing, sometimes you want to experience an adventure. To learn more about the best places that you can travel to in order to have an adventurous holiday, take a look at the below destinations

Make your way to Gobi Steppes of Mongolia

The Gobi Steppe in Mongolia is an exotic destination you can make your way to if you are looking for a good adventure. It features an abundance of nomadic settlements and was once home to large herds of horses.

The Nadaam festival is worth visiting as it is here that you get to see locals engage in macho sports with one another like horse racing and wrestling. You can also try taking a ride on a Mongolian horse and drinking Airag or fermented mare’s milk in order to truly get a feel of this place.

Travel to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of most adventurous places to visit in the pacific islands. It is home to dark scary jungles and snow-capped mountains, the former teeming with tropical animals and birds that are exquisite to behold.

While traveling within Papua New Guinea can prove to be quite tricky due to the lack of infrastructure, the freedom this place emanates makes the visit completely worthwhile. When in Papua New Guinea, you can get to witness tribal people of different kinds, most of who speak their own ethnic languages and who are often adorned in peculiar yet largely aesthetic jewelry.

Visit Svalbard, Norway

Located 650 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard, Norway is a great destination to visit if you are looking to partake in a Nordic adventure. Longyearbyen, which is the primary settlement here, is situated right on top of the Arctic Circle in the midst of ice clogged fjords and rocky crags.

For several months the entire area is steeped in eerie darkness while the remaining months witness constant sunshine and daylight. This is a place that is particularly worth visiting in the winter time if you want to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous northern lights.

The different destinations mentioned above are places that you really ought to make your way to if you want a break from the mundane. Sometimes taking a trip into the great unknown is the best way to discover yourself and appreciate the mundane back at home.