One of the best times to visit New York City is during the spring. While every season has something to special to offer visitors, spring is an especially wonderful time to experience NYC. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you can do when you visit NYC this spring.

Central Park

Spring is the perfect time to visit Central Park. All of the flowers wake up from their winter sleep and shower the park with their color. The park’s website has a helpful bloom guide so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at as you explore the park. Make sure you visit the park’s Conservatory Garden. The conservatory is divided into three different sections: the French Garden, the Italian Garden, and the English Garden. At the center of the conservatory, you’ll find the Burnett Fountain and a reflecting pool filled with water lilies and goldfish.

Boat Tour

Taking a boat tour is a unique way to experience NYC during spring. Photographers will especially like New York Media Boat’s Adventure Sightseeing Tours. The tour lasts 90 minutes and covers over 40 different popular sights. Another popular tour company is Classic Harbor Line. The company offers a variety of tours that focus on different activities. For example, there are tours for Mother’s Day. architecture tours, and champagne sunset cruises.

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit traces its origins to 1931 when Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning sold some of their paintings near Washington Square Park. People took note and decided to organize the twice a year Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. At the art exhibit, you’ll find every type of art imaginable from sculptures to paintings.

9th Avenue International Food Festival

The 9th Avenue International Food Festival is the oldest food festival in New York City. This year the festival takes place over two days in May. In addition to being the oldest food festival in the city, it is also the largest in the city.

NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade

This year the St Patrick’s Day Parade takes place on Friday, March 17. While spring doesn’t officially begin until three days later, attending the parade is a fun way to start the season in NYC. It’s free to view the parade from the street or from the grandstands. However, if you want a ticket to the grandstands you have to send a letter to the parade committee. The tickets are first-come-first-served. If you plan to stand along the street, make sure you get there early for the best view.