Many people would agree that traveling is one of the best ways to build memorable experiences that stay with you forever. However, actually getting to your destination can be memorably painful. Long lines, lost luggage, and delays can make getting from point A to point B a nightmare. Keep reading for some of the best tips to get you through the airport with your sanity intact.

Be On Time

There’s no guarantee that your flight will leave on time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on time. Check out your local airport for their guidelines on how early you should arrive. The amount of time differs based on your destination. If you find it useful, create a checklist with all of the things that you need for your trip. Do most of your packing two days in advance—that way you can avoid running around the house at the last minute looking for that one thing you need to pack.

It’s a good idea to take an Uber or taxi to the airport. If you take a taxi you can schedule your pick up ahead of time. You also won’t have to worry about finding parking before your flight. It’ll probably be difficult to sleep before you leave, but try your best to get your rest—especially if you have an early flight. You’ll be able to get out the door quicker if you feel rested and energized.

Pack Appropriately

If you are only going on a weekend trip, you probably don’t need an entire suitcase worth of clothes. Travel light by putting everything into a backpack that you can stash under your seat. Everyone knows how difficult and stressful airport security can be. Read the TSA’s guidelines for what you can and cannot bring. Unless you want to be pulled from the line and sternly questioned, do not pack anything that you are not permitted to take on a flight.

On Your Flight

Many airlines that fly longer flights offer free movies. Since this isn’t a guarantee, make sure you bring a good book or a couple of magazines to pass the time while you’re up in the air. If you have never flown before (or if you have flown a dozen times) and fear the experience, talk to your doctor before you travel. Some people are so afraid that they need medication in order to make the trip. Medication isn’t necessary if you just have slight jitters though. Instead, practice meditation and breathing exercises before take off so that you can calm and center yourself.

When You Land

You did it! Take your time exiting the plane and picking up your luggage if you checked your bag. Then start your adventure. The best way to ensure a stress-free trip is to plan, organize, and have patience. If your plane is delayed there’s nothing you can do about it. Getting annoyed only makes your life more difficult. The best way to prevent unnecessary turbulence on your trip is to travel with the right mindset.