Ryan Hemphill has a passion for traveling, and he is constantly on the move for both business and personal pleasure. Although his schedule confines a majority of these trips to places within the continental US, he has been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the world as well. This time spent exploring the globe has exposed Ryan to the variety of life perspectives, religions, and cultures that exist around the world.

For Ryan Hemphill, travel provides a superb avenue to indulge in the requisite escapism from daily life in New York City while acquitting a taste for different cultures in their natural form. Although New York offers an amazing mix of cultural influences, they are all interpreted in some way through the lens of the city. Traveling to new destinations has provided Ryan with an unblemished look at these different cultures in their ordinary, resting state.

When Ryan has the opportunity to visit a new city, he aims to be as “local” as possible and blend into the cultural landscape that surrounds him. You can find Ryan using the local mass transit and subway systems, and exploring well-beyond the typical tourist locations. In order to make the most of his trips, Ryan Hemphill suggests doing as much research as possible before embarking toward your destination. He is quick to call up a friend who lives in the city, or has lived there previously, when available. This inside intel has allowed Ryan to soak up the scene from the perspective of a local, while catching up and renewing connections with old friends.  

These frequent trips have also presented the amazing opportunity for Ryan to experience different foods and learn about the regional cuisines. While traveling, Ryan embraces the “when in Rome” mentality, and is open to trying almost anything; provided its not still alive on the plate, of course.

His most recent trips include 10 days in London, Paris and the Champagne region this past spring, as well as a trip to Cartagena, Columbia and the Yucatan Peninsula. Among Ryan Hemphill’s favorite destinations in the US is The Ford Plantation outside of Savannah, Georgia; a private member’s retreat co-founded by his father in the early 1990’s.   The Ford Plantation is named for its most famous occupant – Henry Ford – who used the picturesque Ogeechee property as his personal home beginning in the 1920’s.  Fortunately, Mr. Ford maintained the original details and Live Oak Rows of the three circa-1700’s rice plantations that originally operated on the 2,000-acre retreat, as well as the intricate lock system for the rice fields designed by Mr. Ford’s close friend and frequent plantation guest, Thomas Edison.  Today, The Ford Plantation is home to about 200 part time residents, a Best-in-Class Pete Dye Golf Course, a full service equestrian center, deep water mooring & marina facilities (accommodating boats up to 65’) and one of the best plantation lifestyle settings in the southeast.

When he is back in his home city of New York, Ryan Hemphill takes full advantage of the diverse selections available. He is particularly found of La Sirena, the new restaurant at the Maritime Hotel. Some of his old-time favorites include Supper and Carbone, respectively located in the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village.

Professional Background

Ryan Hemphill is an experienced Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive based in New York City. With his current firm, Ryan helps manage a diverse portfolio of industries that includes, among others, international real estate development projects, investment-quality fine art funds, fuel cells & other green energy initiatives in both the public and private sector, emerging technology/startup capitalization and coordinated health and preventative care solutions for large US corporations. In addition to his professional endeavors, Ryan Hemphill is a committed philanthropist who had been involved with a number of different organizations.