Are you fond of digging into Mexican fare every once in awhile? Is indulging in tacos and nachos your favorite thing to do when it comes to food? Then you should consider paying a visit to some fantastic Mexican restaurants, where the cuisine will get your gastronomical juices flowing like never before.

Try out Oyamel in D.C.

Located in D.C., Oyamel is a great place to visit for Mexican food. Tacos with chapulines or sautéed grasshoppers and mole sauce fries are some of the Mexican delights that you can try. Oyamel also has limited edition mescal to wash it all down.

Visit Topolobampo in Chicago

Chicago’s Topolobampo is another restaurant that is certainly worth paying a visit to if you want to indulge in Mexican food anytime soon. This restaurant was established by celebrity chef Rick Bayless and is well known for its dish Cochinita Pibil. The dish is slow roasted and is something that you would typically find when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula.

Have a Meal at Empellon Cocina and Salvation Taco in New York

Salvation Taco and Empellon Cocina in New York are excellent Mexican restaurants to visit which are well-known for innovative Mexican dishes. The most popular of these is the guacamole with guanciale. The dish is a mix of pistachio and sea urchin and is a delight for any stomach.

Dine at Hugo’s in Houston

Hugo’s in Houston, founded by Hugo Ortega, is an award-winning Mexican restaurant that is worth visiting if you find yourself in Texas anytime soon. This restaurant is particularly well known for creations like Lamb Barbacoa which involves lamb braised in chilies and garlic after which it is slowly roasted in an agave.

Indulge in Lavish Mexican Fare at Las Cuatro Milpas in San Diego

If you make your way to San Diego and are craving Mexican food, then paying a visit to Las Cuatro Milpas would be a good idea. This restaurant is committed to using quality ingredients for the dishes that it serves. Also, the salsas and tortillas that it serves are completely house made. The ratio of chilies and other complex seasonings used in the cooking is just right. You’ll definitely get the fiery kick that is typical of Mexican cuisine.

By visiting the various restaurants mentioned above you will certainly be able to get a taste of some of the best Mexican food in the US.