Half Moon Bay, California is located less than an hour’s drive away from San Francisco. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend trip away from Frisco. The only way to get into town is via a two-lane country road that takes you through the surrounding rolling hills. Throughout the area, you’ll find farms, ranches, and eucalyptus trees. Below are some of the top activities that you can enjoy when you visit.


Half Moon Bay has numerous beaches that are worth exploring. Keep in mind, though, that the weather is often cold along the coastline due to the thick fog that blocks the sun’s rays. If you plan to enter the water, then you’ll need to pack a wetsuit. Visitors typically visit the coastal beaches just to soak in the beauty of the area with their eyes. The beaches make great fishing and picnic spots. If you’d like to stay overnight, there are many campgrounds in the area.

Pillar Point Harbor and Coastside Trail

The Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail is nearly five miles long. It offers exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean and is a great spot for bird watching. The north trail passes through Miramar Beach where you will find the Miramar Beach Restaurant—a perfect spot for watching the sunset. Pillar Point Harbor is also located north of the trail. Whale watching tours routinely depart from the harbor. If walking the trail sounds boring, you should consider riding your bike instead. Since the trail is relatively smooth it should be a pleasant ride.

Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park

The Pigeon Point Light Station was built in 1871 to help ships navigate the dense fog of the Pacific Ocean. Today it stands as the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast. The surrounding coast is brimming with wildlife including seals that routinely swim to shore. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tour the lighthouse itself since it’s unsafe due to the collapse of the walkway. However, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel located right next to the light station is still open for business. The hostel is the perfect spot to rest your head after exploring the coast.

Main Street

Main Street is the historic downtown area of Half Moon Bay. The area features bed and breakfasts, shops, and restaurants. Pasta Moon is a popular restaurant that has been serving farm-to-table food for over twenty years. Main Street is known for its relaxing vibe, so feel free to take your time as you explore the shops and stroll down the street.