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How to Beat the Heat

How To Beat The Heat In NYC

Summer is here and the kids are out of school, but spending your summer in the city can be sweltering. No one wants to be stuck in the heat. Finding summer activities in New York City that will please adults and kids alike can take some creativity, so below are some ideas on how to […]

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to New York City

New York City is one of the most famous urban centers in the world. As a major hub for American entertainment and culture, this bustling metropolis attracts visitors from around the globe. How to Get Into the City from the Airport New York City is served by three airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark […]

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Up-and-Coming Food Trends in NYC

New York City is known for many things — its sights, its Broadway performances, its attractions and historical landmarks — but one of the greatest features is its incomparable restaurant scene. Throughout Manhattan, one will find a healthy balance of upscale restaurants, mom and pop stops, and places that fall somewhere in between. However, many […]

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Best NYC Hotels

*This post originally appeared on www.ryanhemphill.nyc. One of the best things about visiting New York City is staying in one of the luxurious hotels that the city has to offer. However, with so many hotels, it can be difficult for first-time visitors to know which hotels to avoid and which ones to spend the night in. […]

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New York Desserts

*This post originally appeared on www.ryanhemphill.nyc. As the weather starts to heat up, New Yorkers begin to think of ways to cool down, and during the summer, there is no better way to cool down than enjoying some ice cream or water ice. But why limit yourself to just those two desserts? Below are some of […]

Ryan Hemphill - Summer in NYC

Summer in NYC

While summer doesn’t technically begin until the end of June, for most people May is close enough. After winter most people will take any excuse to get outside and enjoy themselves. No city comes alive the way that New York City comes alive during summer. If you need some ideas for summer activities, take a […]

Ryan Hemphill - The Best Restaurants in New York City

The Best Restaurants in New York City

In the city of New York, you will find eateries and restaurants serving cuisines from every part of the world. From Indian to Lebanese, to Chinese to Mexican to Italian…. The types of cuisine you’ll find are endless. NYC’s restaurants are also varied in their presentation—some are modern with sleek designs and a smart outlook […]

Ryan Hemphill: 5 Things To Do In NYC

5 Things To Do In NYC

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With so many different things to do in the city, it can be difficult for new visitors to know what to do first. Below are some of the top sites that you need to see when you visit New York City. […]

Ryan Hemphill: 5 NYC Restaurants To Check Out In 2017

5 NYC Restaurants You Must Visit In 2017

With so many restaurants in New York City, where does a foodie begin? While that question may be impossible to adequately answer, this post will help you get started. Below are some of the top restaurants you should check out in 2017. Le Coq Rico Antoine Westermann is the chef behind Le Coq Rico. Chef […]

Ryan Hemphill: Spring in NYC

Spring in NYC

One of the best times to visit New York City is during the spring. While every season has something to special to offer visitors, spring is an especially wonderful time to experience NYC. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you can do when you visit NYC this spring. Central Park Spring is […]

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